Below is a general list of my products. For individual pricing please refer to the main menu and link to the appropriate product type page, such as artwork for example. Most of my creations are inspired or made from materials found on the west coast. For example my wood products are made from tree burls, driftwood, and beach glass or rocks.


Artwork products

  1.   Originals on exhibition canvas in any size and aspect ratio from 8"x8" to 48"x48"
  2.   Limited edition prints
  3.   Open edition prints
  4.   Greeting cards
  5.   Journals
  6.   Book covers


  1.   Producing
  2.   Composing
  3.   Editing
  4.   performing keyboards, hand drums and percussion
  5.   Full albums or singles
  6.   Film soundtrack
  7.   jingles for ads and logos
  8.   lyrics


  1.   E books
  2.   Short stories
  3.   Screen plays


  1.   Phone caddies
  2.   Keepsake boxes
  3.   Glasses holders
  4.   Furniture